2017 Professional DPF OFF Software FAP EGR LAMBDA DTC HOTSTART ADBLUE 2017.5

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Verkoper: naz009 (41) 93.6%, Objectlocatie: Blackburn, Verzending naar: Worldwide, Objectnummer: 401605465273 ADS DPF FAP EGR LAMBDA remover 2017 + KEYGEN UNLIMITED LICENCEYOU WILL RECEIVE A DIRECT DOWNLOAD permission to your ebay message, NO DVD !!! NO CABLE ** NO HARWAREUNLIMITED KEYGEN LICENCE, FOR MANY COMPUTER !!! Windows 7 & 8 32 & 64bitsTHIS DOWNLOAD AND SOFTWARE HAVE BEEN CHECKED AND TESTED WORKING FINE !!!WITH PEOPLE POSITIVE FEEDBACK SO NO REFUND PLEASE READ CAREFULLY !!!Véhicule + Calculateur support : (Isuzu models supported to : NRP300,NRP500, Canter,NR400, NNR200, EFI, Dmax,Truck)- Adblue VAG EDC17CP24 has been improved- Adblue - DAF PC3 has been improved for new models.- Adblue EDC17CP20 improved for Passat models.- Adblue EDC17CP20 more improved- Alfa EDC16C39 Solution 2 improved for some file types.- Audi - VW EDC17CP04 improved for new models.- Audi - VW EDC16U31 4x switch type file signs added- Audi - VW EDC16U31 Switch solution added- Audi - VW EDC16U34 P0545 and P0546 DTC automatic removing added- Audi - VW EDC17C46 signs more improved- Audi - VW EDC17C46 signs more improved- Audi - VW EDC17CP04 Flap removing added- Audi - VW EDC17CP04 solution has been improved- Audi - VW EDC17CP20 Flap solution has been added- Audi EDC16CP34-4 revized fixed.- Audi EDC16CP34-4 solution revised with new.- Audi EDC17CP04 2th switch added- Audi EDC17CP14 has improved for support to Q5 models.- Audi EDC17CP44 switch fixed for Audi car.- Audi EDC17CP54 added- Audi PCR2.1 regeneration switch alternate added- Audi PPD1.x new solution added- BMW 1mb Type1 solution added 525 models.- BMW EDC16C35 supported to all types (Generic)- BMW EDC16C35-2 item added DDE7 support- BMW EDC17C41 added- BMW EDC17C56 solution added- BMW EDC17CP06 DTC Root + DTCx80 removing added- BMW EDC17CP45 ASC solution added- BMW Mini EDC15C35 bug fixed.- Chevrolet DCM3.7 improved, DTC structure fixed- Chevrolet Delphi DCM3.7 acceleration problem fixed- Chevrolet EDC16C39 added- Chevrolet EDC16C39 has been improved- Chevrolet EDC16C39 improved- Chrysler EDC16C31 added alternate solution- Chrysler EDC16CP31 solution improved- Citroen - Peugeot EDC17C10 added more DTCs- Citroen - Peugeot EDC17C10 Additive Pump removing improved- Citroen Berlingo EDC17C10 added- Citroen Delphi DCM3.5 Type2 added in main solution- Citroen EDC17C10 solution Picasso model support added- Citroen SID803A supported with Peugeot SID803A solution now- Citroen SID807 EGR + DPF added- Citroen SID807 sign are improved- Dacia Delphi DCM3.4 solution has been added- Dacia Delphi DCM3.4 solution has been added.- Dacia section added with EDC17CP42 ECU.- Denso map8 problem fixed- Dodge EDC16U31 solution has been added- EDC17CP02 - CP06 New DTC's added- EDC17CP14 Flap removing has been improved for different models.- EDC17CP14 solution improved- EDC17CP24 bug fixed Tamarrov- Fiat 6F3 Generic added Fiat500 models- Fiat 8F2 signs are improved,- Fiat 8F3 solution fixed- Fiat 8F3 solution Improved- Fiat 8F3 solution Improved- Fiat Doblo 6Fx improved for other models- Fiat Ducato type more improved- Fiat EDC16C39 Generic improved for Chrome models.- Fiat Grande Punto 8F2 improved to other models- Fiat Marelli 6F3 solution automatic EGR disable function removed.- Fiat Marelli 8F3 Generic P1564 DTC removing has been added- Fiat Marelli 8F3 solution added- File control : CMD, Kess formats and blank file controlling added.- Fixed 62 signs problems reported by customers.- Fixed some Flap items was showing DPF removing message.- Flap EDC16C34 EDC16CP34 revised- Flap EDC16U1 Golf5 new sign added- Flap EDC17CP14 Audi different type sign added- Flap EDC17CP14 Audi different type sign added- Ford 9M51 type solution item added- Ford DCM3.5 Type2 solution(983kb) has been improved for Mondeo models- Ford Connect Solution new DTCs added for removing- Ford Delphi DCM3.2 solution has been added.- Ford Delphi DCM3.5 Improved for other models.- Ford Delphi DCM35 P2463 and P246b DTC removing added- Ford EDC16C3.9.18 added- Ford EDC16C34 Additive removing added- Ford EDC16C34 improved for Cmax models- Ford EDC16C34 switch P2484 2th DTC added- Ford EDC17C10 solution has been added- Ford Focus EDC16C34 Switch solution new signs added- Ford Mondeo Delphi DCM3.5 type ECU solution added- Ford Sid206 Generic improved for Mondeo model- Ford SID206 Generic solution improved for modified files.- Ford SID206 Kuga renew solution tested with- Ford SID208 EGR + DPF added- Ford SID208 P244D DTC removing added- Ford SID208 Transit and Ranger models supports improved- Ford SID803A new solution added- Ford Transit Connect Type solution added new DTCs- Ford Transit Connect Type solution added new DTCs- Ford, Citroen, Peugeot, Volvo EDC16C34 switch solustion- Generic EDC16 - EDC17 Switch search improved with new add switch solutions- Golf5 EDC16U1 Flap added- Honda Civic solution improved for different ECU soft versions.- Honda EDC16C31 solution improved- Honda EDC17CP06 has been improved- Honda EDC17CP16 switch solution added- Honda EDC17CP16 switch solution added- Hyundai - KIA EDC16C39 Switch solution added- Hyundai / KIA EDC17C08 Double DPF switch problem fixed- Hyundai EDC16C39 Generic improved for Tucson models.- Hyundai Generic Switch solution new DTC's added- Hyundai SantaFe solution added- In Toyota Denso solution added Prado VX model support.- Isuzu Transtoron NR400 Model EGR + DPF support added- Isuzu Transtron Dmax added- Isuzu Transtron EFI, Canter, NLP models solution added- Isuzu Transtron improved for Dmax Type2 models.- Isuzu Transtron NNR200 model support added- Isuzu Transtron P2002 P0401 automatic DTC removing has been added- Italian language text has been revised- Italian Language totally revised, now more good- Iveco EDC17CP52 more DTCs removing has been added- Iveco EDC17CP52 solution added (EGR + DPF)- Jaguar EDC17CP11 added- Jaguar EDC17CP11 fixed some DTC's- Jaguar SID204 fixed, improved for added models.- Jaguar SID204 reported P0000 problem fixed- Jaguar SID204 solution has been improved- Jeep and Dodge EDC17C79 switch solution has been added- Jeep EDC16CP31 DTC removing improved.- Jeep EDC16U1 added new automatic switch solution- Jeep EDC16U1 added new automatic switch solution- Jeep EDC17C79 added- Jeep Grand Cheroke EDC16CP31 added- KIA Carens 5th search point fixed- KIA EDC17C08 solution has been improved.- KIA EDC17C08 Switch added- Lancia 6f3 Solution added- Lancia 8F3 solution improved- Lancia EDC16C39 added- LandRover Sid208 added- M55 solution improved for 1mb files.- Mazda 3 Denso models P2584 P2585 DTC removing added- Mazda CX7 Adblue + DPF more improved- Mazda CX7 Adblue remove added- Mazda Denso Partial DTC added- Mazda EDC16C34 revised.- Mazda EDC16C34 Switch solution added- MB EDC16C31 2011+ solusyon improved for MB Vivano models.- MB EDC17C10 Switch added, DTC's improved- MB Flap M55 improved.- Mercedes EDC17C01 - CP01 switch solution has been added- Mercedes 2011+ solution restored again.- Mercedes DCM3.5 4MB Type2 solution added- Mercedes DCM3.5 solution DTC P244A added- Mercedes DCM3.5 Type1 solution improved, added new DTC's.- Mercedes DCM3.5 Type2 DTC section totally revized- Mercedes DCM35 CRD Type2 4MB P2454 DTC removing added- Mercedes Delphi DCM3.5 CRD2 Type1 solution added P2279 automatic removing- Mercedes Delphi DCM35 Type1 P0475 automatic removing added- Mercedes EDC16C31 - CP31 item improved for MB CLS Models- Mercedes EDC16C31 1mb Type1 solution improved for W211 models- Mercedes EDC16C31 Type2 Generic solution improved- Mercedes EDC16CP31 solution improved for ML models- Mercedes EDC16CP31 solution improved for ML models- Mercedes EDC16CP36 solution revized- Mercedes EDC16CP36 Type1 solution 2 new signs added- Mercedes EDC17CP10 solution improved.- Mercedes EDC17CP10 solution revized- Mercedes EDC17CP46 solution improved- Mercedes ML EDC16C31 support has been improved- Mercedes Sprinter EDC17CP46 switch solution added- Mercedes Sprinter EDC17CP46 switch solution added- Mitsubishi Denso 2th solution added for compatible other some models.- Mitsubishi Denso has been improved- Mitsubishi EDC16CP39 Switch solution has been added- Mitsubishi EDC17CP15 DPF + EGR solution has been added- Mitsubishi EDC17CP15 has been improved- Nissan EDC16CP33 Type2 solution has been improved for more new models.- Nissan EDC17C42 opening problem has been fixed- Nissan SID305 P1525 fixed, improved- Opel - Vauxhall OpelEDC17C59 Switch solution added- Opel EDC17C59 improved.- Opel Astra J special solution added- Opel Astra J special solution added- Opel Denso Partial DTC solution improved- Opel Denso solution improved for DTC, light problems- Opel EDC16C39 Antara added in main solution.- Opel EDC16C9 EGR + DPF 1x P1901 DTC fixed.- Opel EDC16C9 EGR + DPF 1x P1901 DTC fixed.- Opel EDC17C18 - 19 revized- Opel EDC17C18 Corsa D files signs has been added.- Opel EDC17C18 improved- Opel EDC17C18 some DTC problems fixed- Opel EDC17C18-19 solution improved- Opel EDC17C18-19 solution improved for Vauxhall EDC17 ECUs- Opel EDC17C42 added from Nissan and Reanult solutions- Opel Marelli 75-90CV solution added new file type sign- Opel Z13DTJ improved- PCR2.1 solution added new DTCs- PCR2.1 solution added new DTCs- PCR2.1 solution improved for Golf 1.6TDI models.- Peugeot EDC16C34 solution improved for some models.- Peugeot DCM3.4 added in Citroen section- Peugeot DCM3.4 solution improved.- Peugeot DCM3.5 solution improved for other models.- Peugeot EDC15C2 different type signs added- Peugeot EDC15C2 some DTCs removing added- Peugeot EDC16C34 P2033 and P1461 DTC removing added- Peugeot EDC17C10 disable more DTC's about DPF additive system- Peugeot SID803 MPC solution has been improved.- Peugeot SID803A Generic improved.- Peugeot SID803A Generic item improved for Peugeot Expert2.0 models- Peugeot SID803A Generic solution improved- Peugeot SID803A Type new signs added- Peugout DCM3.4 improved for more compatible- Peugout SID803A generic added Boxer model signs- Peugout SID803A generic added Boxer model signs- PPDv1.x revized with new solution.- Protections improved, lots of trap points added.- PSA Delphi DCM3.5 added- PSA EDC15C2 bug fixed- PSA EDC16C0-7, EDC167C0-9 improved- PSA EDC17C09 - 10 bug fixed- PSA Group EDC15C2 Aditiv + Flap removing added- PSA SID803 MPC more improved- PSA SID807 item normal and EVO integration has been completed.- Range Rover EDC17CP11 added, improved.- Renault (Laguna) EDC16C3 solution revized- Renault and Nissan EDC17C42 solution added- Renault and Nissan EDC17C42 solution added- Renault DCM3.4 New DTCs automatic removing has been added- Renault Delphi DCM3.4 solution improved with new DTCs- Renault Delphi DCM34 solution has been improved- Renault EDC16C3 Type1 and Type2 DTC's optimized- Renault EDC16CP33 sign are improved.- Renault EDC16CP36 improved- Renault EDC17C11 Switch added, improved- Renault EDC17C42 improved- Renault EDC17C42 new automatic DTCs added.- Renault EDC17C42 P0294 DTC automatic removing added- Renault EDC17C42, Saab EDC16C39 solution signs are improved.- Renault SID305 new sign added- Renault SID305 P1525 and P2002 extra DTC removing codes added- Renault SID305 solution added- Renault SID305 solution improved for Laguna models.- Renault Type2 improved- Saab EDC16C39 bug fixed- Seat EDC17U01 Ibiza model ECU extra DTCs added- SID206 Generic added Galaxy model points- SID305 Nissan and Megane added- SID803 MPC DTC0000 problem has been fixed.- Siemens PPD1.x Flap removing has been added- Siemens PPD1x ECU's added New optimized solution- Skoda EDC17U01 switch solution added- Skoda SuperB EDC16U31 added- Subaru Denso added- Subaru Denso DTC calculation bug has been fixed- Suzuki DDIS optimized- Suzuki EDC16C39 solution improved- Suzuki EDC16C39 solution improved for other models.- Suzuki EDC16C8-10 solution has been improved.- Swedish Language has been added- Toyota Denso solution has been improved- Toyota Denso solution improved- Toyota EDC17CP07 improved for Yaris, Auris models- Toyoto Denso P2031 DTC added- Toyoto Denso P2031 DTC added- Treeview font 1 punto decreised.- Update EDC16-17 fast search section.- Vauxhall - Opel EDC17C59 solution improved- Volvo SID803 MPC DTC removing has been optimized for DPF relate only- Volvo EDC16C31 Switch solution DTC area optimized- Volvo EDC16C31 solution DTC removing has been improved- Volvo EDC16C34 Additive Control and Liquid DPF automatic removing added- Volvo EDC17CP22 + EGR + DTCs added- Volvo SID803 MPC solution improved- Volvo SID803A Revized- VAG EDC17C64 solution improved for other models.- VAG DCM37 solution DTC bug has been fixed.- VW - Porsche EDC17CP44 added- VW Amarok EDC17CP52 switch solution aded- VW Audi Q7 EDC17CP24 Switch added and improved for other models- VW Crafter added new signs for supporting to different soft versions.- VW EDC16C46 Passat Models P246e DTC automatic added- VW EDC17C64 switch solution has been added- VW EDC17CP14 solution improved for Golf6 models- VW EDC17CP14 Swirl Flap solution added- VW EDC17CP24 DPF Switch sign revized- VW EDC17CP46 DTC Root + DTCx80 removing added- VW EDC17CP52 menu bug fixed- VW EDC17CP54 Switch solution added- VW Group EDC17C46 new DTCs addedAlfa : EDC16C39 Type1 and Type2Audi : EDC16UX,EDC16CP3 / 34, EDC16U31, EDC17CP14, Siemens PPDv1.1, V1.2, V1.3,EDC17CP44,EDC17C46,EDC17CP04, EDC16C34-4BMW : EDC16C31 - 35, EDC16C31 (1MB), EDC17CP02,EDC16CP35,EDC16C31New, EDC16C35,EDC17CP45EDC17C41Chrysler : EDC16CP31Chevrolet : EDC16C39Citroen : EDC15C2, EDC16C34, EDC17C10, SID807Fiat : EDC16C39(Ducato), EDC16C39 JTD, MJD 6F3, 6F3 Doblo, EDC16C39Generic, SID803A,Marelli 8F2, Marelli 8F3,Ford : EDC16C34,EDC16C34-2, EDC16C34-2.29, EDC16C34-5, SID 206,SID807, SID803MPC,SID803A, SID206(SMAX type), SID206 Kuga, EDC16C34 PicassoType, EDC16C3-9.18Lancia : EDC16C39Honda : EDC16C31, EDC17CP06, EDC16C31(Advanced)Hyundai / KIA : EDC16C39-D373, KIA EDC16C39 Type2, Hyundai EDC16C39 Caren,EDC16C39 SantaFE, EDC17C08Iveco : EDC16C39Isuzu : Denso, Transtron DMaxJaguar : SID204, EDC17CP11Jeep : EDC16U1, EDC16CP31, EDC17C49LandRover : EDC16C39-Ford, SID208Mazda : Denso 3-8 all series, EDC16C3,Denso CX7 Type with Adblue,EDC16C34Mercedes : EDC16C31, Delphi DCM3.4, EDC16C31 Vito and Type2, EDC16CP36,EDC16C3, EDC16C31(2011+)EDC17CP10,M55 Error fixerMini Cooper : EDC16C35Mitsubishi : Denso (Full 2 types supported), EDC16CP39Nissan : Denso,EDC16C36, EDC16CP33 Type1 and Type2, SID305Opel-Vauxhall : Denso,Denso Signum,EDC16C39, EDC16C9, EDC17C18 - C19,Marelli MJET 75-90cv, Z16DT Marelli,Denso Signum, Z16DTC, Z19DTPeugeout : EDC16C34, EDC15C2, SID803 MPC,Delphi DCM3.5, SID803A, DelphiDCM3.4Porsche : EDC17CP44Range Rover : EDC17CP11Renault : EDC16C3 Type1 and Type2,EDC16C32, SID305,EDC16C11Saab : EDC16C39,EDC16C9Skoda : EDC17CP14, PCR2.1, Octavia19Bosch,EDC17U01,EDC17CP20,EDC16CP44,EDC17U01Seat : Siemens PPD V1.2, PCR 2.1,, EDC17U01,EDC17CP20,EDC16CP44Subaru : DensoSuzuki : EDC16C3 Type1 and Type2, EDC16C39Toyota : EDC17CP07Volvo : EDC16C31 Type1 and Type2,SID803MPC,EDC16C34, SID803A Type1and Type2, EDC17CP22VW : EDC16CP34, EDC16U31,,EDC17CP14, PCR2.1, EDC16CP34-4,EDC17U01,EDC17CP20,EDC16CP44EDC17CP46,EDC17CP52,EDC17P24, EDC17CP44, EDC17CP54All : EDC16 - EDC17 ECU's automatic DPF switch finder item* : Some EDC16 and all EDC17 ECU's solutions are using internalswitches.---------------------------------------Flap support list:--------------------------------------Audi a4, a6 EDC16CP34Toureg EDC16CP34-4Jeep EDC16CP31Audi EDC16C34 AlternateAudi V6TDI 3.0Vectra C EDCEDC15VM P0098 (In EGR Remover)EDC16U1 Flap SolutionEDC17CP04EDC17CP14------------------------------------------------------------Professional EGR Remover v2017.05.1------------------------------------------------------------- Added these custom DTC removers :- Citroen - Peugeot EDC17C10- Audi VW MED17.1- Mercedes EDC17CP46- Toyota EDC17CP07 - CP37- Hyundai - KIA EDC16C39- BMW EDC17CP45- Mitsubishi EDC17CP15- BMW EDC17CP35- Fiat Marelli 8F3- BMW EDC18CP09- VAG EDC16C34- Fiat EDC16C39- Ford EDC17C10- Iveco EDC17CP52- Toyota EDC16C31- EDC17CP04- EDC17CP14- EDC17CP20- EDC17CP46- EDC17C64- MB EDC17CP10- BMW EDC17CP02- Alfa EDC16C8- Honda EDC17CP06- Renault Nissan SID305- Peugeot - Citroen EDC16C34-Fiat, Alfa ,Chevrolet EDC15C7-PSA Group SID803a-Ford SID803-Ford SID803a-Ford SID206-PPDv1.x-Mercedes EDC16C31-VW EDC16U1 series-EDC17CP14 custom DTC Removing internal BETA (next update will be added)-Still in progress : Delphi DCM3.5, DCM3.7 EGR, Opel Denso, (indevelopment, tested)-Ford EDC16C34.2.30 total DTC-Alfa EDC16C39 total DTC-Audi EDC17C14 P2014 (Flap)-VM EDC15CVM P0098 (Flap)-Mercedes EDC16C31 DTC full table erase-Immo Generic EDC17 Solution.--------------------------------------------------------------- 103 alternate signs added, increising file supporting- Alfa EDC16C39 Generic has been improved for other models.- Alfa EDC16C39 generic solution improved more- Alfa EDC16C39 generic solution improved more- Alfa EDC16C39 Solution1 added more sings for Alfa - Fiat - Lancai models- Alfa EDC16C8 has been more improved- Alfa EDC16C8 P0401 DTC automatic removing has been added- Alfa EDC17C49 EGR + DPF added- Alfa Guilette EDC16C39 special solution added in Type1 item- Audi - Skoda EDC15P solution added- Audi - VW EDC16U31 Generic revized, EDC16U34 ignored.- Audi - VW EDC17C46 solution improved with new DTCs- Audi - VW EDC17C46 Type4 solution added.- Audi - VW Marelli 4MV added Golf4 models supports.- Audi - VW ME7.5.10 solution improved and added on Audi cars support- Audi - VW PCR2.1 generic added new DTCs- Audi - VW PCR2.1 generic item support problems has been solved.- Audi A3 models EDC17C46 EGR hysteresis map problems has been fixed.- Audi EDC15VM+ solution now generic- Audi EDC16U31 Type1 solution revized- Audi EDC17CP14 Type2 solution added- BMW EDC15 Switch solution added- BMW EDC16C31 solution improved.- BMW EDC17C06 improved- BMW EDC16C31 custom DTC calculation bug fixed.- BMW EDC17C06 solution improved with new DTC removing- BMW EDC17CP02 added- BMW EDC17CP02 and EDC17C06 supported now, DTC's has been added- BMW EDC17CP02 EDC17CP06 solution problems are fixed.- BMW EDC17CP02 solution has been improved.- BMW EDC17CP06 improved- BMW EDC17CP06 revised.- BMW Mini EDC16 solution revized- Chrysler EDC15 EGR switch solution added- Chrysler EDC15 EGR switch solution added- Citroen - Peugeot EDC16CP39 added RuiSouza- Citroen - Peugeot SID803a Type2 new DTC's added.- Citroen - Peugout EDC16C34 EGR removing solution seperated- Citroen EDC15C3 3 new DTCs added.- Citroen EDC16C34 Berlingo signs added- Citroen EDC17C10 solution added- Citroen SID803A type custom DTC added in SID803 item- Custom DTC removing EDC17C46 Tiguan ECUs supports has been added.- EDC16U1 new type added, bug fixed.- EDC16U34 Generic Switch added, improved- EDC16U34 has been improved for other models.- EDC17 Immo section improved for other EDC17 ECU's- EDC17C46 - CP46 bug has been fixed.- EDC17C46 fixed for Passat and Alhambra models.- EDC17C46 Type overflow fixed.- EDC17CP04 solution improved- EDC17CP14 custom DTC removing improved for other models.- EDC17CP14 Solution1 P0401 DTC disabled added.- EDC17CP24 DPF signs conflict fixed- Fiat 8F3 improved for specially Ducato models- Fiat 8F3 solution P0409 and P0486 removing added- Fiat Bravo model added in Fiat Generic EDC16c39 item- Fiat Doblo solution improved- Fiat ducato type added- Fiat Marelli 8F2 and 8F3 EGR solution added- Fiat Marelli 8F3 solution added generic P0486, P0488,P0489 and P0409 DTCremoving- Fiat SID803A added new DTCs for removing automatical- Fiat SID803A file id check has been removed, solution improved- Fiat,Alfa,Opel, Lancia, Citroen, Ducato,Hyundai,KIA,Saab EDC16C39 genericswitch solution added- File control : CMD, Kess formats and blank file controlling added.- Flap EDC16C34 Generic improved for EDC16C34 softwares- Flap EDC16U31 P3103 added- Flap EDC16U34 solution2 DTC calculation added- Flap EDC17CP04 added- Flap EDC17CP14 some models bug fixed (- Ford DCM3.5 improved for other models.- Ford Delphi DCM3.5 solution optimized, revised- Ford EDC16C34 Additive removing added- Ford EDC16C34 Focus models bug has been fixed- Ford EDC16C34 M.Patil Type ECU software solution has been added- Ford EDC16C34 signs are improved for different soft versions- Ford EDC16C34 some version support fixed- Ford EDC16C34 Switch solution added U0118 DTC disabled- Ford Sid 202 EGR Hyst. added- Ford SID202 P0489 DTC removing added- Ford SID204 added new DTC points- Ford SID206 Generic solution improved for other models.- Ford SID206 P0490 added- Ford SID206 P141a DTC conflict has been fixed.- Ford SID206 P246x DTCs added- Ford SID206 revized- Ford SID206 Type DTC's improved- Ford SID206 Type EGR Hystresis map problem solved.- Ford SID208 different size maps added- Ford SID208 has been improved- Ford SID208 improved- Ford SID208 more DTCs added- Ford SID208 optimized for Ranger and Transit model.- Ford Sid802 solusyon improved- Ford SID802 solution improved- Ford SID803 new 2 solusyon added- Ford SID803 P0490 disabled added- Ford SID803 P1412 DTC removing added- Ford SID803A added new DTCs- Ford SID803A optimized for Cmax model- Ford SID803A P2002 DTC removed problem fixed- Ford SID804 Type2 Solution added- Ford TDCI Delphi DCM32 Micro EGR removing solution has been added.- Ford Visteon 256kb type added- Ford Visteon DCU102 improved- Ford Visteon revized for also Peugeot- Hotstart Golf5 Type added new signs for different type maps- Hyundai / KIA solution totally revised.- Hyundai EDC15c7 added- Hyundai EDC16C39 Generic item added full KIA support- Improved dongle protection, added more data in dongle.- In Hyundai EDC16C39 switch solution important bug fixed- In PCR2.1 P246E DTC removing added.- Isuzu DMax Added (Aldo)- Isuzu Dmax improved with new file types- Italian language text has been revised- Italian Language totally revised, now more good- Iveco EDC16C39 EGR related DTCs automatic removing has been added- Iveco EDC16C39 revized- Jaguar Delphi DCM3.2 solution added- Jaguar SID204 solution added- Lancia 8F3 EGR removed added- Land Rover SID204 added- Land Rover SID204 bug fixed- Land Rover SID204 solution- Land Rover Visteon DCU solution added- Marelli IAW4MV solution has been added- Mazda Denso solution add signs for Mazda6 models.- Mazda EDC16C3-9 DTC's Improved- MB EDC15C6 Switch ve EGR MAP added- MB EDC16C31 1MB Type1 solution added new signs.- MB Vito solution added new sign- MB Y75 removing 512kb files bug fixed.- Mercedes B EGR Removing solution added- Mercedes DCM3.2 Micro solution added.- Mercedes DCM3.5 P0400 remove added- Mercedes Delphi DCM3.5 solution added- Mercedes Delphi DCM3.5 solution added new DTCs for removing- Mercedes EDC15C7 both solution added P1403 removing.- Mercedes EDC16 M55 fix section improved- Mercedes EDC16C02 solution more improved- Mercedes EDC16C31 - EDC16CP31 solution has been improved- Mercedes EDC16C31 1mb item now sum to in 1 one and improved.- Mercedes EDC16C31 customer DTC improved, added new signs- Mercedes EDC16C31 New models improved.- Mercedes EDC16C31 New section added some reported DTCs for other models- Mercedes EDC17C10 added- Mercedes EDC17CP10 more signs added.- Mercedes EDC17CP10 new sign added- Mercedes EDC17CP10 solution improved.- Mercedes EDC17CP11 new DTCs added- Mercedes Y75 solution new signs added- Mitsubishi Denso more DTCs added- Mitsubishi EDC16C31 solution has been added- Mitsubishi EDC16U31 added- Mitsubishi Pajero Denso EGR Removing added- Nissan Denso 1 mb and 1.5 mb file 2 solution added- Nissan Denso EGR removing has been improved- Nissan EDC16C3 added- Nissan EDC16C36 + DTCs added- Nissan EDC16CP42 EGR maps fixed- Nissan SID305 2nd P1525 DTC check - remove added- Opel Antara solution added in EDC16C39 Generic item- Opel Delco Hybrid Astra Type added- Opel Denso Astra models DTCs removing added- Opel Denso solution added.- Opel Denso solution more improved- Opel Denso solution more improved- Opel Denso Z17DTH type ECU solution has been added- Opel EDC16C39 DTC P2279 removing added- Opel EDC16C39 improved for Antara model.- Opel EDC16C39 revized switch solution- Opel EDC16C9 improved- Opel EDC16C9 new signs added- Opel EDC16C9 Signum model solution added- Opel EDC16C9 Type2 added new signs- Opel EDC16C9.23 solution new signs added- Opel EDC17C18 Added- Opel EDC17C46 Added- Opel EDC15C2 bug fixed- Opel Magneti Marelli 6f3 ECU DTC table supporting improved to all models.- Opel PSG16 sign problem has been fixed- Opel PSG16 solution added- Opel Signum3.0 Denso EGR solustion added- Opel Vectra 2.0 DTI EDC15C0 Old Model- Opel Vivaro EDC16C36 solusion revized- Opel Z13DTJ solution improved.- Packet file, encrpyted file detection added.- PCR2.1 Caddy type Egr Hysteresis map bug fixed- PCR2.1 Generic item added new soft version Golf6 file supports- PCR2.1 Generic solution important bug has been fixed- PCR2.1 Generic solution improved for Golf6 models )- PCR2.1 generic solution maximum improved- PCR2.1 generic tuned file EGR remove problem has been fixed- PCR2.1 solution 8th map added new sign.- PCR21 Type3 signs improved to all types file- Peugeot - Renault Delphi DCM3.4 EGR removing has been added- Peugeot EDC15C2 different type signs added- Peugeot EDC16C34 Type1 P2143 DTC added- Peugeot EDC16C34 Type1 Revized- Peugeot EDC16CP39 P1445 DTC disable added- Peugeot SID803 MPC solution test byte removed- Peugeot Type1 solution P0405 DTC calculation added.- Peugot EDC16c-7 EGR solution added.- Peugout - Citroen EDC17CP10 Addive Pump removing added- Peugout SID801 solution has been added.- Polish language update to more good- Portuguese, Rumanian and Dutch languages some problems has been fixed.- PPD1.x EGROFF solution added- PPD1.x improved for Passat models.- Program security improved. Internal traps number now up to 289.- PSA SID803 MPC solution revized- Range Rover EDC17CP11 added, DTC's improved- Range Rover EDC17CP11 TDV6 model signs added- Range Rover SID204 DTC structures re-assembly for some models- Renault - Nissan EDC16CP33 added- Renault 1.5 CDI solustion added- Renault Delphi DCM3.4 solution added- Renault Delphi DDCR P1014 + EGR Map added- Renault EDC15C3 new signs added for EGR switches.- Renault EDC16C3-21.9 more DTCs removing added- Renault EDC16C3-9.21 added new solution for different type ECUs.- Renault EDC16C3-9.21 EGR map fill values has been set to 00- Renault EDC16C3-9.21 revized, added full DTC's.- Renault EDC16C36 DF647 DTC removing added- Renault EDC16C36 re-improved for Injector detection problem- Renault EDC16c36 solution fixed, revized.- Renault EDC16C41 (Mascot) solution has been added- Renault EDC16C9 Full DTC removing added- Renault EDC16CP33 added- Renault EDC16CP33 improved, optimized- Renault SID305 solution added- RenaultEDC16C36 extra points added and improved- Saab EDC16C39 Remap item added P0400 DTC removing.- Saab EDC16C39 solution has been improved- SID803 MPC solution second P0409 DTC removing added- Siemens PPDv1.x Hotstart Fix added- Skoda EDC17C46 added- Skoda EDC17C46 added- Skoda EDC17U01 solution added- Smart EDC15 solution has been added- Smart EDC16C31 added.- Smart EDC16C31 Solution added- Suzuki EDC16C8 Solution2 bug has been fixed- Suzuki Vitara EDC16C3 revized- Swedish Language has been added- Toyota Denso Hilux solution has been added- Toyota Denso solution added- Toyota EDC16C31 solution has been improved- Treeview font size decreised 2 punto- Update period calculation bug has been fixed.- Vauxhall - Opel EDC17C59 solution improved- Volvo SID206 custom DTC removing support added.- Volvo SID803 MPC added- VAG EDC16U1 custom DTC calculation bug fixed.- VW - Audi EDC16U31 Type1 solution improved with new signs- VW - Audi EDC17C46 solution improved for different Audi models.- VW - Seat EDC16U34 Hotstart fix has been added- VW EDC16C34-4 Crafter solution added some new reported DTCs- VW EDC16U1 both DTC P401 added- VW EDC16U1 solution has been revised- VW EDC16U34 Caddy models P0407 removing added- VW EDC16U34 improved for Caddy models- VW EDC17C46 solution improved.- VW EDC17CP04 Solution added- VW EDC17CP52 menu bug fixed- VW ME7.5.10 ECUs EGR removing solution added (P0401 disabled)- When making Flap removing, was showing DPF removing message. All messagesare fixed.Alfa : EDC16C39, EDC15C7,EDC16C8, EDC16C39 GenericAudi : EDC16U1, EDC16U31 Type1 and Typ2,EDC15VM+,EDC17CP14,PCR2.1,EDC16CP34,EDC17C46BMW : EDC16C31 Type1 and Type2, EDC16CP35, EDC16CP35, EDC17CP02Chrysler : EDC16CP31Citroen : EDC16C39, EDC16C34, SID803A, EDC15C3, SID803, EDC17C10,EDC16CP39Dodge : EDC16U31-4 Type1 and Type2Fiat : EDC15C7, EDC16C39 Type1 and Type2, EDC16C8,Marelli MJ 70-75-90CV,SID803A, Simos, Doblo TypeFord : EDC16C3-9, EDC16C34, Visteon, EDC16C9 Cmax Type, SID206,SID804Honda : EDC16C31Hyundai : EDC15C7Lancia : EDC15C7, EDC16C39, EDC16C8,Marelli MJ 70-75-90CV,SID803ALand Rover : EDC16CP39, SID204Iveco : EDC16C39Isuzu : Transtron (DMax Type)Nissan : EDC16CP33,EDC16C3Mazda : EDC16C34-2Mercedes : EDC16C31 (1 and 2 mb types), EDC15C6 (Switch and Remap),EDC16C31 Type2,EDC16CP31M55 Fixer, EDC17CP10, EDC16CP36Mini Cooper : EDC16C35Mitsubishi : EDC16U31Opel & Vauxhall : EDC16C3,EDC16C39,EDC16C36,Marelli MJ 70-75-90CV, Z19DTH,Denso,EDC17C18,EDC17C46,DelcoPeugeot : EDC16C34,EDC15C2,SID803A,EDC15C3, SID803,EDC16CP33,EDC16CP39Range Rover : EDC17CP11Renault : EDC16C3, EDC15C2,EDC16C3 Type2, EDC16CP36,Delphi DDCRSaab : EDC16C9Seat : EDC16U1, EDC17CP14,PCR2.1,PPD1.xSkoda : EDC15VM+, EDC16U1, PCR2.1, PPD1.x,EDC17C46Suzuki : Marelli MJ 70-75-90CV, EDC16C3Volvo : EDC16, SID803, EDC17CP22VW : EDC16U1, EDC17CP14, EDC17CP20, EDC16,PCR2.1, EDC16U34,EDC16CP34-4,PPD1.x,VW EDC17CP04-----------------------------------Hotstart-----------------------------------EDC16C31, EDC16U1, EDC15, Siemens PPDv1.1 - v1.2Special EDC15C2 - C3 switch finder------------------------------------------------------------------Professional Lambda Remover v2017.03------------------------------------------------------------------- Audi ME7.5- Audi ME7.5 support for other models has been improved- Audi MED17.1 P0420 CAT removing has been added- Audi Simos84 solution added- BMW MSD80 CAT removed solution added- Ford Focus ME9.0C Lambda + O2 solution added- Ford ME9.0c P0038 DTC removing added- Ford ME9.0c P0038 DTC removing added- GUI improved and languages added- Honda ME7.9.2 Lambda removing has been added- Maserati CAT OFF solution added- ME7.5 Lambda solution added- MED 7.5.11 P1070 removing added- Mercedes ME2.8 solution improved for different MB models.- Nox MED9.5.10 improved- Nox MED9.5.10 improved- Nox, O2 and CAT solutions added.- Octavia Simos 7.1A CAT - O2 removing added- Opel Corsa ME7.6.1 O2 solution added- Peugeot IAW48P O2 - CAT removing solution added- Program coded from starting, more fast and solutions more improved- PSA ME7.4.4 has been improved.- Saab Tronic 7 and 8 CAT removing added- Seat Marelli 4Mx CAT removing has been added- Seat Marelli 4Mx CAT removing has been added- Skoda MED9.5.10- Smart ME7.7.0 solution added- Solutions included automatic DTC calculations for 0 error.- Suzuki Swift Denso CAT removing added- Swedish Language has been added- Toyota ME7.9.2 CAT removing added- Toyota ME7.9.52 signs added- Toyota ME7.9.52 signs added- Volvo Turbo Series M4.1.1 Lambda - CAT remove solution added- Volvo Turbo Series M4.1.1 Lambda - CAT remove solution added- VW Bettle Simos33 Lambda solution added- VW MED9.1 CAT improved- VW MED9.1 CAT improved- VW MED9.1 O2 - CAT removing addedAlfa : ME7.3.1, ME7.3H4, ME7.9.10, MED9.5.10Audi : ME7.1, MED9.1.1, MED9.5.10BMW : ME9Chrysler : ME2.8Citroen : ME7.4.4, ME7.4.5, ME7.4.6Dodge : ME2.8Fiat : ME7.3H4, ME7.9.10Ford : ME7.9Jeep : ME2.8Lancia : ME7.3H4Mercedes : ME2.8, ME2.8.1Opel : ME1.5.5, ME7.6.2Peugout : ME7.4.4, ME7.4.5, ME7.4.6Seat : ME7.7.10Skoda : ME7.1Volvo : ME7.0 XEP VW : ME7.1, ME7.5.10, MED9.1 Condition: New other (see details), Brand: Unbranded, Manufacturer Part Number: Does Not Apply

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